Episode 42 – Spoilers

Spoilers are Such a Crock!

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way… Spoiler alert!

We’re going to spend this episode talking about the Game of Thrones finale, and revisit some of our predictions from Episode 38: Endings. So if you haven’t seen “The Iron Throne” yet, go catch up with the rest of the country before listening to this episode.

Did You Hear About that Game of Thrones Petition?

Season 8 of Game of Thrones has been divisive to say the least. While Michael and Katherine may not have been 100% happy with it, they certainly aren’t among the more than one million fans behind a Change.org petition to have it re-made.

“Get over yourselves, people!” says Katherine.

Michael also thinks the concept is kind of ridiculous. “It’s like a petition to change the result of a sporting event.”

But we both largely liked it.

How Did We Do on our Game of Thrones Predictions?

Prior to the new season, we made a series of predictions about how everything would shake out.

Everyone Katherine liked best ended up living; and both of us were surprised that Arya ended up making it to the end.

Michael gleefully points out that he was right about the Night King storyline being wrapped up by episode three… But Katherine also laughs at his thinking that Jaime would be the true hero of the story (or that Cersei’s child would contribute to a great peace). Oh well.

So… How About That Game of Thrones Finale?

Michael largely liked the last season, and thought it was “appropriate.”

Katherine was impressed that they tied up most of the big loose ends.

We discuss some of the fandom’s nitpicking, but ultimately end up in a similar place.

This is obviously a very different episode of the Such a Crock podcast… But we hope you love it anyway:

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