Episode 40 – Assumptions

Assumptions color all aspects of life. Too bad they’re such a crock! This CrockCast explores the confusion of Instagram DMs, how nobody reads, and a munchausen mom’s murder.

Nobody Reads the Whole Thing

It’s a common assumption that people read. Turns out they mostly scan headlines – shocker! Even if they read a bit, it’s rarely an entire piece. Michael kicks off the podcast with a heads up that people aren’t reading. He introduces radical headline tips to help writers get their readers more engaged. Let’s try to get them past the first paragraph fellow writers!

Learn about how accomplished copywriters use everyday words to grip a reader’s attention. All it takes is a listen to Episode 40 of the CrockCast.

Assumptions Hide Abuse

Next Katherine shares a fascinating tale of Munchausen by Proxy and murder. She invokes a vast reservoir of info accumulated in a movie, miniseries, and Buzzfeed clicks. It’s repugnant and gripping all at once.

How could a woman poison her child? She even had her daughter’s salivary glands and teeth removed. Still that was only the beginning of her madness. Hear more about this single mother’s descent toward her own murder. A gripping unbelievable story awaits on your podcast app at Such a Crock. Or just click below to hit the stream immediately.

Keto Assumptions

Then Michael gets feisty because he’s often assumed to “be keto”. This annoys him. He’s a man not a diet! The rant rolls forth with facts galore. Luckily, that includes a clear definition and advice on its validity.

The keto conclusions may surprise you. Turns out Michael eats carbs. Also, keto may serve epileptic children but few others. No matter who or what keto claims to be; on the store shelves, it’s all about marketing.

Instagram DMs Breed Assumptions

The CrockCast winds down with a quick story out of Katherine’s Instagram direct messages. She shares about her own silly assumptions. Turns out they’ve led to lots of @LadyKflo confusion. It’s a healthy reminder to quiet our personal bias and listen. Quick but fruitful, this story will likely make you laugh too.

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