Such a Crock runs on the blood and sweat of two fools named Flores – Michael and Katherine. The Flores duo are New Yorkers pretty much to the bone and they’ve got attitudes to match.

Michael’s mainly found success thanks to his charisma and good looks. Sure, he went to an Ivy League college …but he majored in poems. Enough said. This guy’s a charmer and he knows it. If you really want to make Michael happy, talk about Michael for a good, long while. During the workday he pushes papers around as some sort of marketing guru. Nobody really knows how he pulls that off – maybe it’s the fitted red pants. Michael’s special interests include games and comics – but not Archie for some reason.

Katherine’s as overeducated as she is silly. Often referred to as the Dorothy Parker of Washington Heights, Katherine moved away from WaHi six years ago but still boasts about this. For work she  writes silly ditties and then laughs out loud all alone in her apartment like a maniac. This makes sense because she’s originally from Maine… and also a lunatic. Katherine’s special brand of crazy is most evident in her daily devotion to running and swimming. In the profound words of Miley Cyrus, she can’t be stopped.