Forbidden Sex

Episode 1 – Forbidden Sex

Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast!

We all encounter things every day that we look at and think, “That’s such a crock!” (you know, of shit or whatever)

This is a podcast about those kinds of things. We hope you find it a little hit heartwarming, a little bit close to home, and a lot funny. This week we tackle the topic of…

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I. Forbidden Sex with Man’s Best Friend

Michael starts out the podcast with a pretty understandably forbidden kind of sex… But that isn’t what he thinks is a crock.

Numerous news outlets have reported on Joseph Hattey, a Michigan State University Health Physicist, being charged with a “crime against nature” … While no one is saying that this is any kind of normal, Michael thinks the guy getting fifteen years is such a crock. What do you think?

USA Today: Michigan State University physicist charged with bestiality

II. Forbidden Sex at the World Cup

As we write this, the World Cup is going strong in Russia.

… But Katherine thinks what the Russian government has asked its women to do — or not to do as the case may be — is such a crock. While Russia is theoretically welcoming athletes from around the world, Russian women have been warned to avoid sex with foreign men. If urges prove too difficult, they should “at least choose a man from the same race.”

The New York Times: Russia Wants to Play Nice With Foreigners. Just Not Too Nice.

III. Forbidden Sex[ual Language] at the World Cup

At the World Cup, Mexico fans have been accused of chanting homophobic slurs. While not a fan of such slurs in general, Michael thinks fining the team (who presumably have no direct control over the actions of the fans) is such a crock.

The Telegraph: Mexico facing punishment over homophobic chants during win over Germany

IV. Porn

Despite its ubiquity, pornography is its own kind of forbidden sex. “Ask any mom,” says Katherine (a mom). But the negative impacts of pornography, she argues, have been exaggerated to the point of being such a crock.

Psychology Today: Common Sense about the Effects of Pornography

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